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MeTime Meditations

I HIGHLY recommend the MeTime Meditations. There have been times when I was feeling low, a certain MeTime Meditation picked me up and gave me the clarity I needed. 

I now have my favorites, I would never want to live without. 

Mary definitely has a gift.

~ Rick Bednar, US

Feeling so happy and grateful. Wow! :)

Thank you, Mary, for your gentle and strong guidance toward my transformed life!

You are truly a blessing.

I love your meditations, Mary! 

I believe that they (and my intention to release some physical resistance I was feeling in my right shoulder) led me to a release of an old childhood trauma. 

It was an incident that I had done a lot of writing about last year and felt I had released and forgiven. Yet, somehow, it was still lodged in my shoulder. Until last week that is! 

I am feeling even more abundantly blessed than ever! 

Beautiful! I feel so much healthier. 

I find that the energy just keeps accumulating as I use these meditations everyday!

 Love how they make me feel...❤️❤️❤️

You are an amazing guide, Mary. Your Presence is Peaceful and Inspiring.Yes, Peaceful and Calm. I love the comfort of your consistent approach to getting into a meditative space, Mary.

I think everyone should do these meditations. 

Transformative and allows for release and ease.  

Transcending, transformative, lovely. Thank you!

Brilliantly powerful yet simple to understand and apply. Will relisten often.  

Full of energy... love it!

Felt a wave of relaxation all over my body. Namaste.

Thank you! The energy I feel is much better! Ready for my day ahead!

I find these meditations both healing and calming.

The visualization is great. Will be coming back to this meditation as I believe it will help with physical healing. My injury felt less painful just from the few minutes.


The MeTime meditation series has impacted my life in the most profound way. I was living in a free fall, emotionally, financially and considering my age 57. I started to see myself going nowhere and accomplishing nothing, or having nothing to show for. 

I feel Metime gave me hope and peace. I feel things are shifting for me in the right direction. I am finally able to smile and be happy again. My daily anxiety and nightly panic attacks are something of the past. I feel I am on my way to manifest all my dreams and desires.

Thanks to you, Mary, and the MeTime meditation series.  

By the way, I tried several other guided meditations before. Yours seems to be the best one and works like magic for me.

I feel the benefit and value I have received exceeded the money I paid. It was the best and wisest investment I have made on my self.

Thank you Mary and God bless you.

~ Abe Elbakkari, US


This meditation will help you clear your body and mind of negativity, stress, tension, anxiety, doubt, discomfort, insecurity and fears of all kinds.

Want to be more active...but lack the motivation? This meditation will inspire and motivate you to form a daily habit of exercising for fun!

Raise your abundance frequency and attract greater abundance and appreciation into ALL areas of your beautiful life!

This meditation will help you open up to greater self-love. When you fully love yourself, you are able to fully love others.