me time meditations

Heart-centered meditations to help you heal, create, inspire and expand!


Welcome HOME to your heart.

We typically learn through the mind first, and then have difficulty transferring that learning into our hearts and emotions. 

The me time meditations offer a solution to this human limitation by bringing transformation and change in through the heart first.

As you find your perspective shifting without the usual struggles of the mind, your process of awakening into your desired life will happen faster and more easily than you may have thought possible.

Our Vision: We envision a world of love, kindness, and belonging where everyone feels supported and free to be themselves.

Our Mission: We support people who hope for more love, kindness and joy, so that they may experience true freedom and happiness.

Our Gift to You

Do you sometimes wish you could take a break from the noise and stress of this world?

The me time meditations are here to help you with this.

As you experience each empowering meditation, you will travel deep within your heart.

You will quiet the mind, calm the nervous system, and bring healing and support for the soul.

If you have experienced any rough patches in life - and we know that we ALL have - this journey within will return you to your center, your balance ... your heart.

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