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I HIGHLY recommend the MeTime Meditations. There have been times when I was feeling low, a certain MeTime Meditation picked me up and gave me the clarity I needed. 

I now have my favorites, I would never want to live without. 

Mary definitely has a gift.

~ R. Bednar, US

Here's what people are saying...

The MeTime Meditations have impacted my life in the most profound way. 

I was living in a free fall, emotionally, financially and considering my age of 57. I started to see myself going nowhere and accomplishing nothing, or having nothing to show for. 

I feel MeTime gave me hope and peace. I feel things are shifting for me in the right direction. 

I am finally able to smile and be happy again. My daily anxiety and nightly panic attacks are something of the past. 

I feel I am on my way to manifest all my dreams and desires.

Thanks to you, Mary, and the MeTime Meditations.  

By the way, I tried several other guided meditation programs before. I believe yours are the best and work like magic for me.

Thank you Mary and God bless you.

~ Abe Elbakkari, US

MeTime Meditations envisions a world of love, kindness, and belonging, where everyone feels supported and free to be themselves.

I have found the meditations from Mary Freeth to be supportive and nurturing on a daily basis. 

This offering from Mary is so much more than a collection of pre-recorded meditations. Mary is available on a more personal level to stay connected and provide more focused meditations as needed. 

The variety of meditations - topics and length - allow me to tap into what is most needed at the moment. 

Over the past few months, I have found Mary's meditations have helped me find peace and comfort and I am so grateful. 

I have also found a sense of awakening and motivation that has been life giving! 

~ Mary Beth Garrett, USA

Thank you, Mary, for all the love, help and support you have shown me over the last very difficult year, by listening to your meditations.

They have certainly helped me. 

I would advise anyone to listen to these before their stress and anxiety get too bad. 

~ Sue, UK

I have engaged in the meditation challenges on a number of occasions. 

The sessions are very calming, grounding and thought provoking. 

It is a process of letting things go to allow an intentional opening of my heart-space. 

It is providing me with a means of evolving in a good way to a place of acceptance, growth and the joy of the moment I am in. 

~ Gina, Canada

MeTime Meditations supports people who hope for more love, kindness and joy, so that they may experience true freedom and happiness.

Mary’s Metime Meditations are definitely one of the best programs out there.

She has a soft and calming voice that relaxes you the minute she starts your journey. 

I have and would recommend these to anyone. 

~ Irene, USA 

Mary’s soft hypnotic voice, her calm slow, manner of speaking and use of appropriate music make this one of the best gifts to give yourself! 

I am a seasoned meditator and have not heard better❤️. 

~ Sandra Brown, Canada 

Mary has such a heartfelt way of soothing my mind, body and soul.

The words she chooses to express herself with resonate with me entirely. 

I feel a wash of relaxation come over me and her meditations bring out my most blissful self. 

Thank you, Mary. Please forever keep on being you and shining bright.

~ Abbie Brill, France