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Healthy Body Meditation #1

This is the first of 10 Healthy Body Meditations. The affirmations contained within today's meditation are...

Wellness is the natural state of my body.

I easily release tension from my mind and body.

I am feeling healthy and strong today.

As you move into your heart-space, your 'doubting' mind will quiet down so that you can more easily absorb your new truths about your improved health and wellbeing!

Optional: Listen with headphones for best results. The soundtrack contains binaural beats. This helps you enter a deep (theta) state of relaxation and receptivity.

Find a quiet space and let's meditate...

Feeling good after this meditation?

The 10 Healthy Body Meditations are available for purchase in our meditation shop.


This is why we do what we do...

I just had my first session yesterday and brought me to tears. Space in the heart is something I truly need right now.

Things are shifting for me in the right direction. I am finally able to smile and be happy again.

When I listen to the me time meditations, I feel so calm and connected to love.

My daily anxiety and nightly panic attacks are now something of the past.

I find that the energy just keeps accumulating as I use these meditations everyday! I love how they make me feel.

I'm sleeping better than I have in 10 years!

Mary’s soft hypnotic voice, her calm slow, manner of speaking and use of soothing music make this one of the best gifts to give yourself! 

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